The NORTH Project is a modern-day epic in which traditional Nordic melodies are reinterpreted and reworked to evoke the frosty chill of nature.

With new lyrics written in English by the project’s creator MaJiKer, these folk melodies from Iceland, Sweden and Norway are shared through recordings, live performances, songbooks and interactive content.

MaJiKer records each of the songs with a different vocalist or group and produces contemporary arrangements with layers of vocal harmony & human beatbox.

Each collaboration is unveiled and showcased individually, with the tracks forming an organic, ever-evolving songbook.

The songs are also brought to life on stage in a stunningly evocative performance featuring exceptional singers and powerful visuals. Ranging from intricate electro-acoustic arrangements to pure acapella singing, NORTH adapts itself to various performance contexts with diverse guest vocalists featuring at each event.

Hear and download for free the first tracks to be shared from NORTH:

Photo : Raphaël Neal

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